A therapeutic massage using both swedish and lymphatic techniques. Pure essential oils encourage relaxation as well as physiological change within the body. They help to decrease inflammation, pain and tension, balance the nervous system, clear the mind and harmonize the body.    

Body Dialoguing


 Also called focusing.  With the use of Relaxation, energy therapy, visualization and simple body-based attuning and dialoguing we explore parts of the body which are holding pain or discomfort.  This is a fantastic technique for releasing chronic pain or trauma from the body and mind.   

Chakra Balancing


 Chakras are energy centers in the body that correspond to specific physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues. Chakra balancing uses dialoguing and energy work to help release emotions and belief patterns in the chakras, and to bring a sense of balance to the person.   

Cranial Sacral Therapy


 This therapy derives its work from Osteopathy and Energy Work.  It is a gentle therapy to restore vitality and realign the nervous system.   A soft touch is used to release restrictions in the soft tissues that surround the Nervous System.  A therapist gently works with the spine and the skull, and its cranial sutures, diaphragms, and fascia.  Craniosacral therapists are able to detect disturbances in the rhythm to help them identify areas of dysfunction. Great for headaches, concusions, trauma, and emotional work.  

Holographic Release Work


  This is an energetic and cognitive therapy. It involves a series of dynamic yet quite simple techniques, to spontaneously release limiting patterns that can hold you back and which no longer serve you.  It is based on the idea that belief patterns are held in the body and that the body is like a hologram, so that any issue that is released in one part is released from the whole.  During a session the practitioner will access the subconscious by asking specific questions and by tapping gently on the body; issues that are brought up can be released and healed.  ​  

Hot Stone Therapy


  An extremely effective way of relieving stress and tension in the muscles.    The heat from the stones penetrates deeply into the muscles fibres and brings on an even deeper sense of relaxation and release than a regular swedish massage treatment does.  The stones themselves are very grounding and can release any old or negative energy that you may be holding on to.  It is a deeply grounding as well as restorative treatment.  



 Involves massaging or applying pressure to the feet, hands, face/head, with the goal of improving overall general health. It is based on the principle that there are reflexes points in these areas that corresponds to every gland, organ, muscle and tissue of the body.  It can relieve tension, improves circulation and help to balance or increase the natural function of specific areas in the body  



 Reiki is a Japanese word which means Universal Life Force Energy.  It involves placing one’s hands gently on another’s body with a healing intention. This energy flows down and out their hands and into the individual who is receiving the healing. The practitioner may also use ancient symbols to aid healing.  It is a very gentle and effective technique for all levels of one’s healing : mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The ultimate in relaxation. Vanessa is a Reiki level III practitioner.   



 Another form of energy therapy.  It is a subtle energetic technique which involves placing one’s hands on another’s body to unblock and increase the flow of energy. A subtle process which gently re-aligns one with their divine essence.  An incredibly healing experience.  

Subtle Aromatherapy


 Often utilized in Energy Therapies.  Here the diluted oils are simply inhaled and/or used around the energy field to clear, recenter and reconnect.  Our brains process scent in the limbic centre which is an ancient part of our brains, and relates to memories, thoughts and behaviours.  Thus subtle aromatherapy is wonderful for gentle healing, old patterns, energetic traumas and for combining with other modalities.  

Sound Therapy


  Various non-traditional instruments are used to bring healing into the energetic and physical body.  Examples include : drums, koshi chimes, chakra chimes, tingsha bells, shakers, rain sticks etc.  Very effective form of healing and shifting.

Swedish Massage


  Swedish massage techniques are used to relax muscles, breakdown scar tissues, decrease pain, increase range of motion, and rehabilitate injuries.  It also helps to increase circulation and flush out toxins.  Pressure is adjusted according to client preference and health of muscle tissue. Massage is done with a non-paraben scent free lotion.